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Emotions Facebook

These emotions are used in Facebook chat and each emotion has shortcut.


Emotions can be used in Facebook chat. To input the emotion, Emotion, Smiley or symbol just paste the code into your conversation when on Facebook chat or Facebook Messenger.



This is a list of emotions and there codes and shortcuts for Facebook chat/messenger.

Facebook Emotions List

Smileys Name Shortcut
Emoticon Smiley - Angel Angel Emotion O:-)
Emoticon Smiley - Confused Confused Emotion o.O
Emoticon Smiley - Crying Crying Emotion :'(
Emoticon Smiley - Tash Tash Emotion :3
Emoticon Smiley - Devil Devil Emotion 3:-)
Emoticon Smiley - Sad Sad Emotion :-(
Emoticon Smiley - Gasp Gasping Emotion :-O
Emoticon Smiley - Glasses Glasses Emotion 8-)
Emoticon Smiley - Grin Grin Emotion :-D
Emoticon Smiley - Grumpy Grumpy Emotion >:-(
Emoticon Smiley - Heart Heart Emotion <3
Emoticon Smiley - Happy Happy Emotion ^_^
Emoticon Smiley - Kiss Kiss Emotion :-*
Emoticon Smiley - Pacman Pacman Emotion :v
Emoticon Smiley - Penguin Penguin Emotion <(”)
Emoticon Smiley - Chris Putnam Chris Putnam Emotion :putnam:
Emoticon Smiley - Robot Robot Emotion :|]
Emoticon Smiley - Shark Shark Emotion (^^^)
Emoticon Smiley - Smile Smile Emotion :-)
Emoticon Smiley - Squint Squint Emotion -_-
Emoticon Smiley - Sun glasses Sun Glasses Emotion 8-|
Emoticon Smiley - Sun Glasses Tongue Emotion :-P
Emoticon Smiley - Unsure Unsure Emotion :-/
Emoticon Smiley - Upset Upset Emotion >-:O
Emoticon Smiley - Wink Wink Emotion ;-)
Emotion Smiley - 42 42 :42:

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Uses for Facebook Emotions

These Facebook Emotion icons are a great to express yourself and you can use emotions for Facebook status, and on your wall. Another uses is for Facebook messenger. The new emotions are great for Facebook chat and people also think that they are hidden Facebook emotions but really feel free and share the information from fb-emotions with friends and family!

Facebook History

Facebook is a social network that was created by Harvard students and soon became popular. It is no very hard to find someone who is not on a social networking site.

Other Names for Emotions

There is alot of names for emotions and it can become very confusing so on this website to avoid confusion we call Faces, Smilies, Smileys, Winks, Emotes and Emotcions 'EMOTIONS'.  


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